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 Curry Naan and Pizza, Northampton
 Thursday, 20 July 2006
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Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Paul Motley, Northampton

Although I'm not a great lover of the Indian takeaway and much prefer the atmosphere of a restaurant, I must highly recommend this one. The business is owned by the same people who own Curry and Naan in Grange Park and are somewhat unique as they are Punjabi owned and employ a chef from Delhi, All other takeaways in Northampton are Bangladeshi owned which is of course not part of India whatsoever but do cook Indian style food cooked to the standard heat graded menu but certainly not Indian food. Curry, Naan and Pizza DO also cater for what the English define as an Indian curry with all the tried and tested favourites but do it a lot better.

The base gravy is of a good texture but with a more subtle blend of spicing giving a well balanced flavour without masking the true flavours of the dish. The portions were large with a good bulk of the main ingredient not just a lot of gravy to bulk it out. Whilst I chose chapattis I do know by word of mouth they do an excellent Naan which is light, soft and fluffy and why shouldn't they after all The Punjab is the home and origin of Naan Bread and the Tandoori Oven.

Other advantages to this takeaway is that if a member of your family or party do not like Indian food (yes there are a few of this oddities still about) you can appease them a Pizza, Burger and Chips or a Donna Kebab, this saves running round to different takeaways leaving the first bought to go cold. Should this choice still not please everyone there is a Fish and Chip shop and a Chinese Takeaway about 10 yards either side of them.

Paul rated this 9 out of 10.