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 Jaipur, Milton Keynes
 Sunday, 12 November 2006
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  also reviewed 1 October 2006
  also reviewed 16 August 2006
  also reviewed 28 January 2002
  also reviewed 30 March 2000

Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Samantha, Milton Keynes

My husband and I visited the Jaipur at its new site for the first time and we were very impressed.

We went at about 2pm on a Sunday, the buffet was on offer for about £13 per person, which we found was very good value.

On arrival, we were welcomed and taken to our table. The dining area and the furnishings were really nice.

We helped ourselves to the buffet and had a selection of starters including bhajis, pakoras, kebabs (can't remember everything we ate!). These were all very tasty and nice and warm. There were sauces (mint and yoghurt, mango chutney) that were freshly made - not from a jar!

We then helped ourselves to the main course. The rice was very tasty; it had lots of flavours and spices and wasn't at all stodgy or sticky.

My favourite meal was Chicken Korma. Unlike a lot of Indian restaurants, the chicken was lovely and tender - not at all dry, the sauce was very flavoursome and really tasty. The best Chicken Korma I've ever had! I know a lot of people don't choose Chicken Korma because it's "boring" but this was definitely not bland.

We had kolfi for dessert which was really refreshing.

Overall thumbs up. Ambience was excellent, food tasty and warm, service was speedy but not rushed.

Samantha rated this 9 out of 10.