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 Mem Saab, Northampton
 Thursday, 31 March 2005
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  also reviewed 14 January 2008
  also reviewed 13 August 2006
  also reviewed 25 February 2006
  also reviewed 7 January 2006
  also reviewed 29 November 2005
  also reviewed 3 September 2005
  also reviewed 21 November 2001

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Guest review
by Amarpreet Chohan, Northampton

I visited the Mem-Saab in it's opening year and i had a great night and much enjoyed my experiance, spoiled mearly by the a few teething troubles of which is expected from a restaurant in its opening year or first few months. HOWEVER, my recent visit certainly tells a different story.The atmosphere remains excellent yet the food has improved yet even more, as well as other aspects. The staff, the music, the atmposphere and sorroundings were all fantastic!

The restaurant offers now a monthly selection of chef specials,excellent choice from various parts of India.There was bag fulls of flavour in each mouthfull. The restaurant has come a long way of the past 4 years of bieng open and i can garantee an excellent experiance.I also tried the "Sunday Lunch Buffet" with LIVE MUSIC" WoW Great value for fantastic food! I particularly enjoyed the selection of starters, with various dips and extras. The main meal was a choice of six curry's, three of which are vegetarian. And well deserets . . . well let me say "forget the kids" you'll enjoy the deserts even more than they do! a wide selection of fresh creamy cakes, obviously freshly perpared especially for memsaab, plus a great selection of other desterts! The buffet even accompanied a glass of a finely selected wine of the day.Not forgetting the great atmosphere always bieng present in this place. On Mondays to Saturdays i even go next door to their new Champagne and cocktail Lounge just to finish off a great night!

I certainly wont make the mistake of waiting so long to return to this place! those who enjoy a food which is much cared for and an excellent dining experiance will ceratinly love this place, theres certainly no room for the usual rif raf custom associated with many indian restaurants.No,, Memsaab is a step well beyond that of your local curry house.. Five Stars from me.

Amarpreet rated this 9 out of 10.