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 Miraj, Northampton
 Thursday, 19 May 2005
 This restaurant has since closed

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Guest review
by Cathy, Northampton

We went to the Miraj (on the street that runs down the side M & S) on a Wed night and were the only people in there all night! I can't work out why because the food, ambience and service were fantastic. The interior is very modern, but not too trendy. When we arrived we sat in the bar area and chose our food. We were then called to our table when starters were ready. This made a nice relaxing start to the evening.

We all had the shish kebab which was fantastic, 2 very meaty kebabs each with a fresh salad. I had chicken saag, which was one of the best I'd tried, laods of spinach and not too greasy. My other half had chicken pasanda, and the other person in our party tried chicken shaslick. This came sizzling with lots of fresh peppers and onions. We were all given a huge amount. The chicken in all the curries was very tender, and the curries were not too greasy. The naans wre big and fluffy.

Service was very polite and friendly, and we were given just the right amount of time between courses. Don't let the location put you off - it may be down a slightly dodgy side street but once you step inside you will enjoy!

Cathy rated this 9 out of 10.