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 Passage To India, Stony Stratford
 Sunday, 24 July 2005
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  also reviewed 26 February 2006
  also reviewed 13 May 2005
  also reviewed 17 May 2001

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Guest comment
by Lesley Jones, Milton Keynes

I am a fussy Indian food eater. I am not a meat eater but do eat fish. I like my food hot and not covered in copious amounts of sauce. I told the manager this when I visited the Passage to India and he came up with a perfect dish for me. I had marsala fish vindaloo hot and I have to say it was perfect. The decor in the Passage to India is interesting and there is a relaxed atmosphere. I also found the service excellent but not too stuffy - great restaurant, definitely eat there again.

Lesley rated this 10 out of 10.