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 Shajahan, Northampton
 Wednesday, 24 January 2007
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  also reviewed 21 February 2006
  also reviewed 19 December 2005
  also reviewed 22 November 2005

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Guest review
by SimonC, Northampton

One Sunday evening in need for some food, we stumbled across this great sounding takeaway. However, would it live up to our expectations?

This is what we ordered:

Chicken Makhani
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza
Chicken Kala Moriess
Pilau Rice
Mushroom Rice x 3
Naan x 2
Garlic Naan
Bombay Potatoes

As I'm writing this review as we go along and after the pleasant conversation I had with the man at the restaurant. We now have a 40 minute wait for the order so I'll update again when it gets here.

Well it took 50 minutes for the food to turn up, but even though we asked for a menu and the driver said that a menu was in the bag ... there wasn't. Not much of a niggle I know, but we needed a menu ^_^

Food arrived in neat clear packages and was well presented. We got everything we ordered and it was all piping hot.

Food was definitely above average standard and was enjoyed by all. There were big bits of meat in each serving and the naans were nice and fluffy.

To feed 4 people it cost us under £30 and has convinced us to order again (even if it's just to get a menu this time ^_^)

Simon rated this 8 out of 10.