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 Spice Lounge, Milton Keynes
 Saturday, 18 June 2005
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  also reviewed 13 December 2005
  also reviewed 18 August 2005
  also reviewed 8 August 2005
  also reviewed 27 June 2005
  also reviewed 31 May 2005

Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Kevin, Milton Keynes

We went on the basis of the previous review, and wished we had not. The dishes of the popadom dips were large - unlike most where you need to ask for more dip. We ordered the banquet - eat all you like - all the dishes were toned down, too mild and lacking in 'spice', too 'english'. It took ages to order, and all the way through the meal we had to find the waitress and ask. The waitress had little or no english and kept having to get one of the indian waiters to help her understand our orders.

The music was superb with 'tall guy' providing an amazing range of vocal talent. The worst part was the deserts which came on chipped square plates. Of the four plates, only one was not chipped, and one had FOUR chips. In a restaurant? We ordered three cheesecakes and a lemon Sorbet - sorbet was very nice - presented inside a real frozen lemon, and so were the cheesecakes.

The ambience was a cool/posh ambience, very clean and sophisticated - good place to take a date if you stay downstairs and listen to the music, and don't have a meal. The music starts at 9.00pm. Total price of the meal for four was £82.00.

Kevin rated this 4 out of 10.