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 Spice Lounge, Milton Keynes
 Tuesday, 13 December 2005
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  also reviewed 18 August 2005
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  also reviewed 31 May 2005

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Guest review
by Chris, Milton Keynes

We loved this place until we sampled the restaurant. The bar and live music makes this place a great night out but we will never eat in the restaurant again. They lost our booking when we arrived shortly after 7. They finally organised a table for us next to the entrance to the gents. We were then forgotten for most of the night and still hadn't had our meal by 11pm! There seemed to be just one waitress serving the majority. When we said we were leaving they just gave us the bill for the drinks and poppodums - no apology and no goodwill on the bill. I worry that the high volume of bookings has made them forget how valuable customer service is however I suspect the numbers will start to drop if this appalling service continues.

Chris rated this 1 out of 10.