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 Voujon, Wellingborough
 Thursday, 11 August 2005
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 1 April 2005

Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Paul Motley, Northampton

I visited this restaurant in 2004 when it was approximately 3 months old. The building was formerly a public house however the building appears to have been gutted and re-designed on a blank canvas. The decorations are minimalist with light wood fittings complimented by co-coordinated spicy light colours and it would appear that no expense has been spared.

The restaurant was very well patronised almost a full house which is usually a good sign especially as it was midweek, plus many of the patrons were Indian which is another good sign that the food is of a high standard. Service was prompt and efficient and nothing seemed too much trouble for the very polite waiting staff, the food not terribly authentic but of a higher standard than most Euro-Asian establishments but was the usual formula style curry but a lot of effort had gone into to making it different. In all the food was very well presented and all garnished generously with fresh green coriander and fresh chillies if requested, it had gone all out to please the high Asian population of Wellingborough without compromising itself to the mainstay English customers.

In short The Voujon has achieved a good balancing act pleasing most of the customers most of the time, however perhaps a little more authenticity would have been nice with the vegetable side dishes which were basically pre-cooked with a standard gravy ladled over the top. Plenty of choice on the menu offering very exotic lobster dishes but at a very inflated price, but this upmarket restaurant which is part of a small chain is very good value for money (lobster excepted) and I will return.

Since visiting the restaurant I have also visited their branch in Northampton of which the décor is comparable if not better but the chef could do with lessons from the Wellingborough branch.

Paul rated this 7 out of 10.