h o m e
r e v i e w s
r e s t a u r a n t s
t a k e a w a y s
g u e s t b o o k
f u n   s t u f f
r e c i p e s
l i n k s
 Saagar, Northampton
 Saturday, 12 January 2002
 This restaurant has since closed

It was PhilS's birthday the following day, so we took the opportunity of combining a curry with a night out on the town. For speed, we decided on a take-away, and the closest unreviewed place was the Saagar. When phoning through the order, they surprisingly took details of our address, but it then became apparent that they had planned on delivering it rather than us collecting. This reduced the original quoted time of 1 hour to a more realistic 15-20 minutes. Apart from packing the order into a bag, it was ready within the allotted time. Plenty of ghee had been used for cooking as it was everywhere by the time we got home. We also discovered a somewhat broken popadom and onion salad together with some Bombay Potatoes had been thrown in for free.

To ensure there would be plenty of room for drink later on, we declined any starters (can this be classed as a proper review with no onion bhajis to sample?). As he likes a Chicken Rogon Josh, this is exactly what SteveB opted for. This consisted of a thick tasty sauce that lacked somewhat in the tomato department, but this was made up for by a decent amount of fairly tender chicken pieces. Having claimed he saw it first, IanD went for the Chicken Patia. The sauce was more akin to that associated with a dhansak - gloopy and gunky with all the ingredients pureed - but had the unmistakeable lip smacking tang of the patia. Again this had plenty of succulent nuggets of chicken. PhilS chose the Chicken Dhansak, which looked similar to the patia but definitely contained lentils. This was a good sized portion with lots of well cooked meat in a sauce which was nice and spicy but not too hot. SteveB and PhilS also had Pilaw Rice that they both thought was good. IanD had Vegetable Rice (which was still prepared although it wasn't on the new take-away menu) with most of the vegetables being onions with a bit of coriander and a few peas and potatoes. The Bombay potatoes weren't rated too highly - not particularly spicy and a little undercooked - but then again, they were free.

A 10% discount was given for collected orders over £10 but even so our bill was somewhat less than expected, even going by an old price list. Despite being on one of IanD's favourite routes through Northampton, this was our first visit to the Saagar and I'm sure in the future we will pop in again when passing.

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 4 bhajis.

Chicken Patia4IanD
Chicken Dhansak4.5PhilS
Chicken Rogon Josh4SteveB